Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Gospel of LAME.

So the kid's speaking in tongues. Great. La de frickin da. How do you say "ATTENTION WHORE" in ancient Aramaic? The sermon is mediocre at best on style points, but seriously lacks substance. You're no Ted Haggard, baby, and that is a damned lame combination. Eternally damned, potentially. I give this baby 6, 8 months max before a meth scandal blows up in his face. Place your bets now at

We here at YBIL are all for promoting religious tolerance, but what we will NOT tolerate is using the pulpit to proselytize the gospel of LAME, non inspiring, non life enriching or affirming, strictly attention whoring shenanigans such as this one. But it is important to remember, babywatchers, that this is not about judging. It is about redemption. This child needs guidance. Patience, babywatchers. God and Godette work in mysterious ways.