Friday, December 12, 2008

Lame Baby Boom

Okay, Babywatchers, the jig is up. The year 2008 is almost over, and I feel as if we blinked and a year of lame baby critical mass has almost gone unchecked. In the words of anti-baby crusader Jennifer Aniston this is a very UNCOOL reality. Although we at YBIL are all about helpful constructive criticism and giving all babies a fair shake, it is a known fact that lame sperm and lame eggs produce lame babies. And 2008 has been all about lame baby fever. Lame HIGH PROFILE baby fever.

And enough is enough.

Do the names Honor Marie, Bronx Mogwli and Sunday Rose mean anything to you?

We can't let this new crop of lame babies pull this kind of sneaky crap right under our noses.

So hitch up your Huggies Pull-Ups because it's gonna be a year of taking out the trash, YBIL style.

Stay tuned.