Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stop it. STOP IT NOW.

How's your blood pressure been lately? Not high enough? Do you find yourself not twitching and shaking with sheer lame-induced fury not nearly as much as you would like? If so, please click here

Warning: You will be assaulted with highly offensive levels of LAME.

Dear River What'sHerFuckFromFelicity, get a haircut and a job you damn hippie. This is a phase, a phase that most of us went through while we were, ya know, teething. That shit is so 5-7 months. Not cute.

And while we're at it I am so not feeling Honor Marie Warren's swagger here. She looks like the type who squeals at her own jokes.

L to the A-M-E. More to come.


Aurora said...

ewww, that roll-ful arm :(

Anonymous said...

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