Wednesday, June 17, 2009

what, no bluetooth?

Beloved babywatchdog community, this is a particularly troubling case.

He/she/it looks like the type of baby who would answer their iPhone on the elliptical trainer by saying "yeah" or "talk to me", yap till they're winded 10 min. later, end the conversation with "cc me on that", then troll around the weight room for another half an hour obliviously prodding at the ego affirming touch screen that they paid $500 for before the price was slashed in half 2 weeks later.

Lame babies are LAST year's status symbol. And that ain't even an 3G. Mokay!

Using advanced age progression technology we have determined what this baby will look like in 30 years, and he looks like someone you might want to see attacked by this mofo.

(Thanx to Stuff Nobody Likes for the pic)


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