Saturday, July 25, 2009

We're Teething

BBH8RS, been awhile! So, our reporter at large has been out of the country on a non-baby related assignment--covering Clog America's Summer'09 European tour. They are America's Pro Clogging Troupe and needless to say they whooped ass all over Germany, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. The Clog America press team accepted the role of Cultural Ambassadors with open arms and took this once in a lifetime opportunity to share the American way of life with those barbarians over in Eurasia.

Our Global correspondents and reported that globally, babies are ill mannered and particularly in Europe, fewer in numbers but more aggressive. Fortunately, they kept their cool and were able to step up and do their civic duty by throwing garbage at local children--turning an annoying situation with an unruly baby into a teachable moment, and a cultural bridge.

In other news, YBIL is migrating over to More on this laters; for now we have some playgrounds to loiter around while wearing utility vests.



Anonymous said...

Feel free to update this site every ten weeks or so.

Anonymous said...

truly a teachable moment .. thank you YBIL!

Anonymous said...

lol. serious business is serious.

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