Thursday, August 9, 2007

is this supposed to be cute?

YAWN. Big fuckin' whoop. Babies in a nest with a sort of disturbing bunny made of grass. As if you recently hatched out of eggs stamped "LAME." Not to mention the backdrop that looks like some crappy set someone painted for a F-grade high school production of "Into the Woods." Ugh - so tired.

The only thing saving this particular image is the possibility that these lame babies are actually a fresh meal for a fortunate, YBIL-card-carrying megabird that is on its way back to the nest. (Note: YBIL does not condone baby eating... even lame-baby eating. This is only a hypothetical exercise of the mind.) Well, one can dream.

Oh yeah, baby #1 (on the left): Not the best angle for you. Just a little constructive criticism.