Thursday, May 21, 2009

Attention: Future-Douche Amber Alert

OK, YBIL-lovers: check out this lil' winner. Yep, the one with the My First D-Bag Training Wheels plastered on his mug.

Gee whiz - those are some mighty fine aviators you've got, kiddo!! Are you headed out on the highway to the danger zone... with a few phonebooks under your bony ass so that you can see over the steering wheel?

Seriously, you should know better than to pick up the awful habits of the late-20's (or early 30's trying to cling to their late 20's) D-bags that probably fathered you one drunken night when they bagged 'that busty chick' by dousing themselves in Axe Body Spray to cover up the stench of loneliness. +2 lame baby points for that smug grimace, too.

We can see that your polo is primed and ready for your collar pop. Don't do it, bucko. And don't pretend like it's only because you think it is 'ironic' or 'absurd'. This is your first and last warning. YBIL has already contacted child protective services, who should be issuing an amber alert to inform the public of this sort of nonsense.


Anonymous said...

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