Saturday, May 9, 2009

Must be nice.

Like we said, lame babies can often be found chillaxin at the beach, just generally douching it up in floppy hats, nose zinc, and wraparound shades, etc. Going around harshing people's mellow and whatnot.

But there is a fine line between that and just insensitive and the line was back there, baby. Why is it, that when the rest of us are working eight jobs just to pay the bills, have lost our homes, and are clawing our way out of credit card debt, and/or are battling cancer with no insurance - all at the same time - we have to look at pictures of your lame mug freeloading off our toil- and looking damn pleased with yourself about it?(Seriously. You are the K.Fed of babies. Are you launching a career in lame rapping, too? Is that your scheme? Because it's been done. And it's old.)

There should be a law against this, or at least an intense cultural stigma. Baby, it's time you did some serious soul-searching about how not to pollute our world with hurtful and painful crap such as this. Baby Tip #112: Together as a society, we can shun and marginalize this behavior.