Saturday, May 2, 2009

Megalomaniacs R Us, Part 1

Lies. Lies. Lies.

Cute is one thing--pretty much anything without open weeping sores can be classified as cute. But uncommonly cute? You? Dunno about that. You look pretty much like every single other lame baby we have laid eyes on--nondescript, toothless, and wearing a shirt with a CONCEITED-ass slogan. In fact, there is no way we at YBIL could tell the difference from Your Royal Lameness above and the below lame baby, who, well--see for yourself:
Miso cute? This is not only lame, but RACIST. Dear racist baby: MISO DISGUSTED by your cultural insensitivity.

We have just consulted our Japanese-speaking associate, who verified that the symbol on your shirt is actually the Japanese character for...LAME. Suck on that.


Anonymous said...

Glad some people are talking about this kind of "cutsie" cultural misappropriation.

I don't understand "Miso Cute" -- are we trying to be funny by referencing wartime Asian prostitutes and broken English? Christ, people...