Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Don't Harsh My Wave, Brah!

Oh, we know: life's tough for babies. All that sleeping, eating and general freeloading can really take its toll.All in all, things can get mighty stressful for an infant.

So when life gets too overwhelming, one tends to find babies hittin' up the beach. Of course, we at YBIL think this is a great idea - but you best make sure you are doing things right, and not simply ruining the (warranted) respite of all the other sun-soakers laying in the sand!

Take for instance this perp: an ill-prepared baby trying to go all aggro on these crusty waves. Too bad these waves and this baby in general are a massive Ankle Snapper. Fine... you do your thing Lame Baby - but don't expect us to put down our Danielle Steele page-turner to rescue you after a mean wipeout. Don't say we didn't warn you.


Annie said...

what the fuck is tom cruise doing at the beach with this baby? shouldn't he be arguing with matt lauer somewhere/? what the LAME?